Our Village

Agioi Apostoloi in Evia

The Agioi Apostoloi is a picturesque fishing village, which has something for all who visit. The unspoilt natural environment, unique seashore and small anchorages “force” every guest is eager to return to the Agioi Apostoloi.

An authentic coastal village has a quaint port ideal for walks and relaxation, interconnected marine bays with numerous sandy beaches, rare picturesque, exclusive Aegean beauty and has rightly converted over time into a tourist resort whilst maintaining its picturesque character.

In the Agioi Apostoloi organized the summer the Sardine Festival with plenty of fresh fish and live traditional music which attracts visitors from all over Greece and on 29 June the feast of the Agioi Apostoloi, is a procession of the image and then a traditional feast.